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From an Entrepreneur to a proud Mentor!

[Dainik Bhaskar – 13th October 2017]

‘Entrepreneurship Theatre’ paves a way to self discovery.

[Times Of India-10th October 2017]

Lemon helps budding biz men to ‘Get, Set, GO

[Times Of India-16th June 2017]

Lemon to be one of the 4 Startups to Watch Out in Nagpur This Year-Business World

[Business World-12th June 2017]

Lemon start-up Web Beta’s 3years journey covered by Navabharat 

[Navabharat-7th June 2017]

WTC awarded Lemon start-ups Flying Penguins and Web Beta

[The Hitadava-26th May 2017]

Buzzinga Labs to transform virtual reality to reality

[Navabharat-24th May 2017]

Buzzinga Labs working pragmatically on virtual reality

[Navarashtra- 24th May, 2017]

Startup makes virtual tours of hotels, edu institutes possible

[The Times of India – 21st May, 2017]

GST to benefit Nagpur due to central location

[The Times of India – 15th May, 2017]

Practice branding is only route to robust growth

[The Hitavada-30th April 2017]

VIA-Lemon talk tries to reduce generation gap in biz families

[The Times of India – 20th April, 2017]

Platform for innovation to gain momentum

[The Times of India – 28th January, 2017]

Books are great source of information

[The Hitavada – 24th December, 2016]

Goli Vada Pav: India’s desi answer to McDonalds!

[India Next Media -23rd December, 2016]

Goli aims to make vada pav a brand

[Brand Equity -22nd December, 2016]

Humble Goli Vadapav now vying with top brands

[ The Times of India -22nd December, 2016]

Innovation is Hallmark of Successful Entrepreneur

[The Hitavada – 7th December, 2016]

Gurukul to seriously promote Entrepreneurship

[The Hitavada – 18th November ,2016]

PM Modi is Anil Kapoor of ‘Nayak’, citizens tell survey

[The Times of India – 10th November, 2016]

Dropouts taking start-up route to kick-start careers

[The Times of India – 25th October, 2016]

LSE organizes four-day workshop on spirituality

[The times of India – 22nd October 2016]

“Launch Your Business in 6 Months” – Lemon School of Entrepreneurship

[The Times of India – 25th July, 2016]

Mr. Prajakt Raut at Lemon School of Entrepreneurship

[The Times of India – 04th July, 2016]

Where Students Learn to be Job Creators

[The Times of India – 26th April, 2016]

Starting Trouble

[The Times of India – 24th April, 2016]

First Batch Passes Out

[The Times of India – 18th April, 2016]

Huge response to LSE entrepreneurship Program

[The Times of India – 4th March, 2016]

Incubators & Accelerators need to redefine role in India

[The Times of India – 21st February, 2016]

Speed Dating on V-Day a hit among start-up aspirants

[The Times of India – 15th February, 2016]

Govt’s startup move may prompt dummy firms

[The Times of India – 25th January, 2016]


[The Times of India – 18th Januray, 2016]

First batch of Lemon’s experiential learning ready to face the world

[The Times Of India – 9th December, 2015]

City startups helping wipe tears of Chennai flood hit

[The Times Of India – 8th December, 2015]

Experiential Learning: A New Quest

[Business World- 7th December, 2015]

Clothing Man of India – Anshu Gupta in Nagpur at behest of Lemon Endeavor

[The Hitavada-18th November, 2015]

Empowering Students with Entrepreneurship

[The Hans India-16th September, 2015]

Private Players Ruining Education Sector: B-school expert

[The Times Of India-13th September, 2015]

Budding entrepreneurs from LSE get a lesson in spirituality

[The Times Of India-12th September, 2015]

India’s 1st Experiential Entrepreneurship program

[The Hindu, Business Line-10th August, 2015]

Lemon School of Entrepreneurship announce India’s 1st Experiential Entrepreneurship Program

[Business India-22nd July, 2015]

India’s 1st Entrepreneurship School rolls out from Nagpur

[The Business Standard-9th August, 2015]

One-of-its-kind model, Lemon School is for Entrepreneurs teaching

[The First Mail-9th August, 2015]

Golden Opportunity for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

[Economic times-9th August, 2015]

Budding entrepreneurs from Lemon School of Entrepreneurship get a lesson in spirituality

[The Times Of India-12th September, 2015]

Empowering Students with Entrepreneurship

[The Hans India-16th September, 2015]

Clothing Man of India’ Anshu Gupta in Nagpur at behest of Lemon Endeavour

[The Hitavada-18th November, 2015]

Private Players Running Education Sector: B-school expert

[The Times Of India-13th September, 2015]

A new Biz. Model to promote Orange-Lemon Startup

[The Times Of India-20th July,2015]

LEMON IDEAS startup creating Media Buzz

[The Times Of India-20th July,2015]

Lemon School of Entrepreneurship coverage

[The Hitavada-14th July, 2015]

“TOI in interaction with LSE candidates

 [Times Of India – 11th July 15]

“Job creators in the making

[Patrika – June 26th 2015]

“Startup Fair Gets Good Response

[Hitvada – June 24th 2015]

“Lemon School of Entrepreneurship

[Business India – June 22nd 2015]

“Age no bar to be an entrepreneur

[Bhaskar – June 21st 2015]

“Lemon best platform for start-up

[Hitvada – June 16th 2015]

“Good plan is a key to successful start-up

[Economic Times – June 16th 2015]

“Signs that you’re an entrepreneur

 [Economic Times – June 16th 2015]

Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat

 [Bhaskar – May 28th 2015]

Rise of Entrepreneurship

 [Patrika – May 28th 2015]

Freshness of 21st century entrepreneurship

[Hitvada – May 28th 2015]

Mr. Deepak Menaria on India’s 1st Experiential Entrepreneurship School

[Hybiz – May 28th 2015]

“Mr. Deepak Menaria at Hyderabad.

[Times of India – May 28th 2015]

“Lemon Ideas to Nurture 100 Entrepreneurs.

[Times of India – May 28th 2015]

“Lemon Start-up Super Pandit in national news”

[Times of India – May 9th 2015]

“One idea can change the world”

[Nai Duniya Indore – May 3rd 2015]

“Best Time for Entreprenuership is now”

[Dainik Bhaskar – May 3rd 2015]

“Real Time Analytics to plug firms losses – Discover Dollar”

[Times of India – April 28th 2015]

“Can we become Creators?” By Deepak Menaria”

[Your Story – April 16th, 2015]

“Humble khichadi gets a fastfood makeover by Nagpur startup Khichadiwala”

[Your Story – April 16th, 2015]

“Limited to social areas, crowdfunding is seeing growth”

[Times of India- February 24th, 2015]

“Lemon Would convert small ideas into big businesses”

[Patrika Indore – May 3rd 2015]

“Marketing Strategies for startups”

[Times of India, Indore – May 4th 2015]

“Promising start-up ideas get rewarded”

[Times of India- February 23rd, 2015]

“Mr. Roy – IIM-N will popularize management education in Vidarbha”

 [Times of India- January 17th, 2015]

“Offbeat travel: Jagriti Express, Unreasonable-at-Sea encouraging entrepreneurship across the globe”

 [Times of India- January 17th, 2015]

“Opportunities galore in food industry”

[Times of India- January 18th, 2015]

“Whats cooking? A fresh batch of Foodpreneurs”

[Times of India- January 2nd, 2015]

“Helping Youngsters make sense to life, business.”

[Times of India- November 27th, 2014]

“Regions youth should think big to succeed”

[Times of India- June 13th , 2013]

“Celebrated waste recycling service coming to Nagpur”

[Times of India- 4th November,2014]

“Programming buffs slug it out at App-a-thon”

[The Times of India, 25th August, 2014]

“Innovative Khichadiwala is a big draw”

[The Times of India, 14th May, 2014]

Lemon Ideas – Your fruit for Innovation’ presents “CEO@10k – a chance to your idea

[Nagpur Today on Oct 23rd, 2013]

“Lemon Ideas finalists set to turn ideas into reality”

[The Times of India on Nov 12th, 2013]

“15 youngsters to achieve their dreams through CEO@10k programme”

[Nagpur Today on Sat, Nov 16th, 2013]

“Fostering entrepreneurship in India-The missing link in the ecosystem”

[Times Of India]

“From innovators to entrepreneurs in 21 days”

[The Times of India on Dec 6th, 2013 ]

“Khichadi- An Indian Fast Food”

[Dainik Bhaskar on Jan 25, 2014]

“Where crazy ideas are most welcome!”

[The Times of India on Jan 21, 2014]

“National contest looks for innovative entrepreneurs”

[The Times of India on Feb 11, 2014]

National level Project-Idea competition ‘Innopreneurs 2014 held at IMT campus” 

[Nagpur Today on Sat, 8th March, 2014]

“Innopreneurs2014 competition declares winner”

[Hitavada on Sat, 10th March, 2014]

Innopreneurs 2014 brings together start-ups from all over the country”

[The Times of India, 11th March, 2014]

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