Beating Monotony in your Professional Life

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However much you may love your job, there are times when you struggle to get through the day. At times, the work-life may seem like a drag. It’s not very difficult to take steps that don’t make you feel dragged down by the monotony that may have set in your work life. Professionals like doctors, lawyers, even artists,  who have chosen their careers due to their passion can also feel the monotony and boredom setting in.

However, it’s not too difficult to eliminate this drudgery. The idea is to maintain a good balance between work, personal life, and leisure. Here are a few ways to help you do this:

  1. Start your days on a positive note
    • A day that starts on the right note is more likely to be a good one. Whether it is through exercising, listening to your favorite podcast during the commute or having your favorite breakfast, make sure that you walk into the workplace with a smile on your face.
  2. Invest time in learning a new skill
    • It is important for your brain-health to keep acquiring new skills constantly. It could range from baking, a musical instrument or even a new language.
  3. Ensure you have a good social support
    • Work should not be the only focus of your life. Take time to strengthen your bonds with family, friends, and acquaintances.
  4. Take regular breaks
    • Immersing your completely in your work may do more harm than good. Taking regular breaks during weekends, and staying away from work periodically, will help you return to it with a fresh approach.
  5. Travel
    • Every few months take a longer break and travel. Whether you do it on your own to explore a new culture or take your family on a vacation, traveling will help you gain a new perspective on things.
  6. Spend time on reflection and introspection
    • Talking about the change of perspective, it is essential for your personal growth to spend some of your downtime on introspection. Reflecting on decisions you have taken at work, what direction you want your career to take and other things will help you become a happier person.
  7. Cultivate a hobby
    • Be it cooking, gardening or playing poker, take up an activity you love and make it a part of your routine. This will help you manage your stress levels when things are not going too well.
  8. Designate time for reading
    • Even if it is not your favorite hobby, spend some time every day to read about what is happening around the world. Being well informed has its advantages!
  9. Delegate and share responsibilities
    • It’s great to be dedicated, but sometimes it’s important to take a step back. At such times, you can delegate a task to a team member or share a responsibility with a colleague to make it less burdensome.
  10. Break up the task into smaller deliverables
    • Alternatively, you could break a particularly huge task into smaller ones, giving yourself deadlines for each of these smaller deliverables.


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