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Have You Heard? CO-WORKING Is Your Best Bet To Grow

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Imagine a workplace where you don’t need to follow the monotony and restrictions of routine office life but at the same time, it provides you with the accountability and autonomy which is must for every entrepreneur! Being an entrepreneur and starting with your own venture has its own challenges but not being able to give your 100% due to lack of proper place and environment shouldn’t be one of those. This is what has made coworking a now big thing as everyone who is trying to make a mark in the startup ecosystem is in extreme need of the place of their own where they can bring out the innovator in them without any restriction or hurdles which occur due to lack of availability of resources.

Why Co-working space is the best for you?

Cost: Cost efficiency is one of the biggest advantages of coworking. You can actually set up your optimally equipped office without spending too much money and this automatically reduces monthly recurring spend.

Common infrastructure: Office place isn’t just about desks and shelves; it is never complete without proper facilities like housekeeping, canteen, reception, and other infrastructure availabilities etc. which can sometimes cost more than the working place. If you are a part of the co-working space, all these things are already taken care of which reduces extra monetary and mental burden as common facilities and infrastructure are shared among all the occupants.

Flexibility: This is again one more add-on into the long list of advantages. There is always a choice of working as per your comfort and convenience. There is no restriction of time or place when it comes to coworking and you can work out of a cabin space, open space or even a meeting room.

Multiple offices: If you have clients, partners or employees in different cities, or if any part of your work requires you to travel a lot then it’s not feasible for you to have full-fledged offices at all the locations. Co-working spaces are the big help in such cases.


According to Global Coworking Forecast, there will be an exponential increase in the number of global coworking spaces and it will grow from 14,411 in 2017 to over 30,000 in 2022. The number of people using the place is expected to grow from 1.74 million in 2017 to 5.1 million in 2022. This growth in the numbers is evident on how coworking is proving its effectiveness in the current ecosystem!

In this ongoing trend, Lemon Ideas have established amazing incubation centre which is the perfect coworking place for all the freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Startups with small teams or the professionals who are working alone. Apart from all the above benefits of coworking what makes Lemon Ideas stand out from the crowd are its complimentary vouchers which include training, mentoring, ideation, validation, execution as well as fundraising. You can brace yourself to fetch the goal you have set for yourself by learning about the domains like Branding, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Technology, Finance, Legal, HR etc. Here you get direct intellectual input from the experts in the startup ecosystem which is more than helpful in boosting your entrepreneurial journey! Many of the startups which are incubated at Lemon Ideas have already reached the zenith of success and are aiming for new goals to conquer. Being the biggest Co-working space in Nagpur region, Lemon Ideas aims to create many more such opportunities where innovative minds will come together and realize their ideas with ease.


Here are some testimonials from our existing incubates; see what they have to say about us…

Coworking at Lemon is one of the smartest choices I have ever made. The benefit of the ecosystem, mentors, peer support and referential customers becomes much accessible. And this is the only one thing which makes me relocate to Nagpur all the way from Gwalior.

  • Krishnkant Chaturvedi, Toomely

Lemon’s coworking has made us more efficient as everything from maintaining the infrastructure to managing the administrative work like looking after the securities, hygiene is being taken care by Lemon itself! It allows us to focus mainly on our idea due to which we can bring added acceleration to the work.

  • Vishal Chawda, Flying Penguins


To know more about Lemon Coworking, you can visit this page. Or can contact us at +918407911142

Lemon Startups Got Significant Recognitions!

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Lemon Ideas have been supporting a lot many innovative minds to turn their ideas into a reality who have contributed to transforming the world around them. A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement. It’s a privilege for lemon ideas to see all these young ingenious minds to reach out and attain their goals and It’s a matter of greater pride when an innovation starts just as an idea in our incubation centres and grows to create such a radical change in the society that their hard work gets acknowledged by nationally and internationally renowned platforms. Here we are sharing with you the success stories of some of our beloved Lemonites.  


Any idea is a gem only if it is executed in the right direction with utmost passion. Incubated in Lemon Ideas, is one such amazing initiative taken by Mr. Rajesh Pugalia, which provides clean and fresh vegetables and fruits at the doorstep of their customers. Their aim is not just to deliver untouched hygienic veggies but also to start a green and clean drive to create a healthier and better society. Sabzilana’s efforts of making a profound change into conventional vegetable shopping and providing flexible and on time services to their customers have recently been acknowledged by Silicon India Magazine. They have been nominated as one of the most promising and excellently performing startups in Maharashtra and this accomplishment is a huge boost for them to keep giving their best to their consumers.


The key to a successful business lies in how well it can keep up with the changing trends in technology. With Google having rolled out Mobile-First Indexing, the importance of mobile applications increased exponentially and every website being mobile-friendly became a must! Built by two young and passionate entrepreneurs, Vishal Chawda and Amit Tiwari; Flying Penguins is a dynamism which makes any business technically sound and digitally inclined using their dexterity in Mobile app development and Automation. As a result of their excellent performance in areas like Mobile App Design, Web Design and Development, Enterprise Solutions, CRM Solution and Social Marketing, Flying Penguins has been nominated in top 10 most promising mobile app startups in the year 2018 by CIO Review.


Bloodstream, the brainchild of young and raring entrepreneurs named Anshul Sharma, Arunabha Bhattacharya and Rishab Gupta have turned drones into a lifesaver. This med-tech startup has developed a technology which helps in supplying blood with the help of drones. And not just blood, but it will also supply vaccines, emergency medicines, anti-snake venom serum, and life-saving equipment to patients even in the remote, rural areas. Women with post-delivery complications are a priority for Bloodstream. They have made 19 successful deliveries using “Magnum” (name of the drone) which weigh around 9 kgs and can carry payloads of 1.5 kg, with a single battery charge allowing for 105 km round-trips. These drones work perfectly fine even when it’s windy or raining. This amazing innovation of the brainy trio has received 15 awards for best-performing drones from the United States of America and Asia-Pacific. They also have been felicitated by industry giants such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Airbus. This team have been featured in various media stories across the globe. Check out here.


Lemon Ideas is honoured to be associated with these incredible Entrepreneurial ventures.  It’s been both exciting and inspirational for us to watch how steadily and expeditiously they have advanced – onward and upward! The recognition and fem they are gaining are well deserved and we are sure they will keep pursuing excellence and keep their ‘Stop at Nothing’ attitude kicking new doors of success. Cheers!

Ten Traits Necessary for Hiring the Right Talent for your Start-up

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The importance of having the right team at the helm of affairs at a start-up. Since the number of employees in a start-up is small, especially at the early stage, hiring can be a tricky business. No wonder that many founders find this activity to be more difficult than any other part of floating an enterprise.

However, there are certain traits that a founder must ensure in each employee in his dream venture. While this does not guarantee success, the chances surely do improve with a good team. Here are a few characteristics that every start-up employee (including the founder) is expected to have:

  • Passion

Every employee of a start-up must believe in its mission. This will ensure their loyalty in the most trying circumstances that the company may go through. So, look out for the ones who are passionate about the area your company is serving.

  • Non-materialistic

In early stages, start-ups can only spare as much to its employees. Make sure the person you are hiring knows this and can manage with comparatively low wages for some time.  

  • Multi-taskers

In a start-up, the same person is often expected to play multiple roles at once. Therefore, every person must be good at juggling additional responsibilities as and when the need arises.

  • Loyalty

It is very important for all your team members to be loyal to you and the company in the very competitive world of start-ups. It’s their loyalty would that drive the employees to help you get through the tough times, or outmaneuver your competitors.  

  • Doers

There are many crucial situations in the journey of an early stage enterprise where employees need to be proactive and make some decisions without waiting for orders. Make sure you only hire such people whom you can trust your team members’ instincts if they do this.

  • Team player

Collaboration between team members if often required in start-ups. This means that there must be a certain amount of camaraderie and rapport among them. However, it can only be achieved when the people in question are so inclined.

  • Determined

Constant ups and downs are a regular part of an entrepreneurial journey. Therefore, every person inducted in a start-up must have a tough determination to make things work without giving up.

  • Adaptable

Start-ups need to change their strategies very often. Also, the do not have the kind of structure that the corporate bigwigs have. This makes it extremely important for the team members to be adaptable in every situation.

  • Quick learner

For the same reasons as above, a person who is a quick learner can be a great asset to any start-up. Because they may have to pick up some skills on the job in order to serve the company well in the face of constant and varied challenges.

  • Visionary

Any person who is a part of a start-up in its early stages should share the vision of the founders, or have his own, for the company. This will also ensure that the said employee is associated with the company on a long-term basis as it aligns with his own career trajectory as well.

While you may have lots of expectations from your prospective employees, remember that they have their share of expectations, too. After all, these professionals are choosing to be a part of your organization when they could have been employed by huge corporates in their areas of expertise.

In the next blog post, we will talk about the expectations of employees from start-ups so that you can take care of your team in the best possible way!

10 Reasons to Startup in Nagpur

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For years, Nagpur has been seen as the sleepy small town with not much to offer in terms of employment opportunities. While this may be seen as a disadvantage by most, there are others who view this as a window of opportunity. After all, there is so much scope for business in a place starved of options.

The above is especially true for start-ups. It is no secret that tier-2 cities are emerging as the best locations for start-ups. There are several factors that Nagpur a great choice for this as well. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons for this.

1.Logistical advantage

The biggest benefit provided by Nagpur is its geographical location at the centre of the country that offers a much logistical advantage. This means it is well connected through railway, roadways, and airways

2. Political support

Home to the chief minister of the state Devendra Fadnavis and Union minister Nitin Gadkari is now on the radar of both the state and union governments as a great investment destination. They have helped bring in much investment to the city while also encouraging local businesses.

3. Big ticket projects

Many projects with huge financial potential like MIHAN (Multi-modal International Cargo Hub and Airport at Nagpur), a food park for Patanjali Ayurved and several infrastructural projects. These big ticket projects will allow the sustenance of several start-ups as well.

4. Educational hub

From engineering and medicine to pharmacy and agriculture, universities and colleges teaching every possible skill that are located in the city. These institutions are a great source of human resources required by any start-up.

5. Low cost of operations

The realty prices, the standard of living, salaries, and any other overhead cost you can think of are lower in Nagpur than the metros. Besides, the city’s geographical location means a lower GST incurred on the transport of goods produced. This will be especially beneficial for manufacturing units.

6. Industrial clusters

Talking of manufacturing, the city already has established manufacturing clusters at Butibori (which is regarded as one of the largest industrial areas of Asia) and MIDC. Other than the big names, the city also has more than 22,000 Micro,

Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) located in and around it. Government policies in the state are also favorable for establishing these units.

7. A Smart city

Nagpur figures in the list of cities that the Government of India aims to develop as a smart city. There is a metro line being constructed in the city currently. Other initiatives under this project include focusing on the production of solar energy, affordable housing projects, and the Mumbai-Nagpur expressway. These amenities can come in handy for any company starting up in the city.

8. It’s a rich city

According to the 2011 census data, Nagpur ranks thirteenth on the list of Indian cities with highest GDPs. Another survey had pitched the city as having the sixth highest number of crorepatis in the country. This means it won’t be very difficult for a good start-up to find funding here!

9.  Heterogeneous population and cosmopolitan outlook

Being located in the center of the city, Nagpur is a cultural melting pot with people belonging to many different states now calling it their home. You would also find people from different economic, cultural and religious backgrounds here. Such a heterogeneous population that has a largely cosmopolitan outlook can be a great testing ground for a new product or service.

10. The Lemon School of Entrepreneurship is here

Any mentorship or other needs of a start-up can be taken care of in the city by the Lemon School of Entrepreneurship. Other than preparing aspiring entrepreneurs to face the challenges in the cut-throat world of business, the school also functions as an incubator and advisor to many start-ups.


What more does an entrepreneur need? In case you have a great idea for a start-up, come over to Nagpur and start bringing your ideas to fruition.

Beating Monotony in your Professional Life

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However much you may love your job, there are times when you struggle to get through the day. At times, the work-life may seem like a drag. It’s not very difficult to take steps that don’t make you feel dragged down by the monotony that may have set in your work life. Professionals like doctors, lawyers, even artists,  who have chosen their careers due to their passion can also feel the monotony and boredom setting in.

However, it’s not too difficult to eliminate this drudgery. The idea is to maintain a good balance between work, personal life, and leisure. Here are a few ways to help you do this:

  1. Start your days on a positive note
    • A day that starts on the right note is more likely to be a good one. Whether it is through exercising, listening to your favorite podcast during the commute or having your favorite breakfast, make sure that you walk into the workplace with a smile on your face.
  2. Invest time in learning a new skill
    • It is important for your brain-health to keep acquiring new skills constantly. It could range from baking, a musical instrument or even a new language.
  3. Ensure you have a good social support
    • Work should not be the only focus of your life. Take time to strengthen your bonds with family, friends, and acquaintances.
  4. Take regular breaks
    • Immersing your completely in your work may do more harm than good. Taking regular breaks during weekends, and staying away from work periodically, will help you return to it with a fresh approach.
  5. Travel
    • Every few months take a longer break and travel. Whether you do it on your own to explore a new culture or take your family on a vacation, traveling will help you gain a new perspective on things.
  6. Spend time on reflection and introspection
    • Talking about the change of perspective, it is essential for your personal growth to spend some of your downtime on introspection. Reflecting on decisions you have taken at work, what direction you want your career to take and other things will help you become a happier person.
  7. Cultivate a hobby
    • Be it cooking, gardening or playing poker, take up an activity you love and make it a part of your routine. This will help you manage your stress levels when things are not going too well.
  8. Designate time for reading
    • Even if it is not your favorite hobby, spend some time every day to read about what is happening around the world. Being well informed has its advantages!
  9. Delegate and share responsibilities
    • It’s great to be dedicated, but sometimes it’s important to take a step back. At such times, you can delegate a task to a team member or share a responsibility with a colleague to make it less burdensome.
  10. Break up the task into smaller deliverables
    • Alternatively, you could break a particularly huge task into smaller ones, giving yourself deadlines for each of these smaller deliverables.


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