Idea Mentoring

Highly passionate individuals/teams can get mentorship/consulting on Idea conceptualization, Domain & start-up Planning. Ideas would be experimented in real life and entrepreneurs would get coaching for various aspects of starting a business including Innovation and access to Seed Funding up-to 5 lacs through its network of Investors. Seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals are requested to work out customized plan for their Idea validation and venture planning.

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Mentorship & Guidance – Some of the most experienced and eminent mentors across world would extend mentorship to selected teams. The overall mentorship includes domain specific mentorship, technology mentorship and start-up mentorship. Focus areas of start-ups at LEMON are Education, Technology, Hospitality and Social. Start-ups would get timely attention and guidance at every phase of their execution and guidance on the pitfalls of starting up. In addition Lemon will provide guidance on best practices in various functional domains like finance, SEO, legal, technology etc. from various functional experts and partners respectively. LEMON also prepares teams to make a perfect pitch when it comes to raising money for growth. 

Idea conceptualization & Planning – Start-ups need to have a clear understanding of the strategic objectives of the enterprise and relate them to conceptualization of idea. The idea needs to align to the enterprise strategies and should differentiate with other similar competitive offerings. Lemon helps start-up in both to have a clear understanding of the strategic objectives and competitive positioning for the idea. LEMON expects some pivoting when it comes to “hunting the best idea” This includes good research on previous ideas and start-ups.

Real Life Immersion & Pilot Run – Just a brilliant idea is not enough to build a successful venture. Lemon helps ideas to be taken to real life for the right validation and immersion with real environment and customers. All start-ups have to start with certain assumptions, the objective of a pilot phase is to test and validate some of these assumptions, so that the final go-to-market business plan can be adjusted on the basis of validated assumptions. The result is in form of better and validated idea. Lemon Mentors would help the candidate develop their prototype in the best possible way and collect the real life feedback during pilot run to help entrepreneurs decide the best approach for their start-up venture.

Co-Working Space (Optional) – LEMON support and encourages young entrepreneurs by offering co-working space where entrepreneurs would just do the job that matters the most  and leave rest to support teams. The facility includes comfortable work space, internet facility, printing/scanning, pantry and additional services like digital marketing, visual designs, mentorship and domain help.

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