Lemon to start its new thread: ABCD

AwakeBreak. ChangeDisrupt.

Innovating Education

Lemon is a place where Ideas are generated, incubated as well as revived. Working on the motto to generate/mentor 100 start-ups till 2020, Lemon is going to start with its new thread i.e, ABCD Innovating Education. ABCD Innovating Education is about empowering youth to take a foot forward towards promoting and redefining education, by initiating start-ups which will be education based. We wish to reframe the conventional approaches towards developing edustartups. We believe in unlearning the old conventional modes of education and relearning the concepts of education, implementing modern strategies. LSE being one-stop solution for providing all essential aspects of entrepreneurship holds a rich experience of passing out two batches of successful entrepreneurs. It is a standard module designed to empower potential entrepreneurs with the knowledge, acumen skill-sets, and behavior to unleash their entrepreneurial energies ensuring they become job creators rather than job seekers. It helps individuals to identify & stimulate entrepreneurial drive; develop a risk-ready innovation oriented mindset to encourage new start-ups, entrepreneurial ventures, and an intrapreneurial work ethic. The long-term goal of this thread is to generate successful edu ventures and sustainable models through this program. By the end of this year, we wish to mentor 5 edupreneurs with their start-ups. This program will include collaborations with various ecoversities and multiversities to get associated with mentors with field expertise.

 Agenda as part of ABCD campaign over next 12 months (2017-18):

  • To initiate new thread- Edustartup Yatra for aspiring entrepreneurs to explore various learning spaces pan India.
  • All major annual events like Innopreneurs, App-a-thon and I-summit to be oriented on ABCD theme.
  • To identify and support Edu’preneurs through various programs at LEMON with special benefits.
  • To create space for sprouting and growth of independent entrepreneurs at LEMON keen to innovate and disrupt the education pedagogies and approach.
  • We would rework on the projects such as Collegekumbh/ Lemonade Stall- Restarting these start-ups again; majorly focusing on the education sector.
  • To set up Edu labs at LEMON Ideas to focus on Edu based start-ups and ideas. This would work like a launch pad for EDU ventures and projects.
  • We will focus on increasing active collaborations with organizations which are education based.
  • To actively work & contribute being part of Indian Multiversities Alliance.
  • Learners and entrepreneurs would participate in state, national and international conferences to which would help us in getting exposure in education domain.
  • Identifying and connecting with education based start-ups across India.
  • Facilitate funding for minimum one edu-startup by the end of the year.
  • To focus on getting more mentors with education domain expertise to the Lemon pool.
  • Building educators and edu-innovators community.
  • Building Digital community.
  • Periodic discussions with Edu-enthusiasts.
  • Forming local community(Add more members to multiversities)- meet ups
  • Unconference format event to be planned on various Education themes
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